One focus of the Alumni association in North America is to make learning and teaching environment peaceful for the students. When word came that the water tower serving the girls’ dormitory had collapsed, members immediately mobilized to raise funds in a remarkably short time to get this project underway


The iron rods for the project


Steel benders getting iron ready for the project


Laying the foundation for the main structure.

Every single human knows the importance of water and in this situation water to the girls’ dormitory is a case that the association feels time is of essence to get this project under way. Work started with the demolition of the old structure and the initial foundation work has begun. It is believed work will soon be completed considering the speed and verve that has been put in the project.

The alumni association continues to appeal to well meaning individuals, groups, organizations and corporate bodies to come to its aid in making life, academic life better for students of Keta senior technical High school.

A few dedicated past students are taking up the challenge to provide portable water to the girls’ dormitory.

A few dedicated past students in North America decided to make their presence felt in the works going on in the school. They resolved to contribute money to build this water tower, which will primarily serve the girls’ dormitory which has been starved of water for a very long time. It is a small way of showing gratitude to a school that nurtured us into what we are today.

As work progresses, it is the belief of this association that other well meaning past students who have not yet made their contribution to come aboard to help.

These are the members who contributed to the project

The following contributed to make life better for our girls
Aloysius Kwawukumey1976
Augusta Kportufe1983
Beatrice Aku Jiagge1973
Ben Malor1979
Bernard Gadagbui1978, 1980
Christine Sani1983
Divine Dogbatse1980
Dotsevi Sogah1966
Eddie Dufe1983
Elsie Ziddah Dogbatse1984
Enock Delaporte1980
Eric Gbekle1980
Fidelia Fugar1977
Fidelia Klu-Awunyo1980
Francis Ahiamadi1987
Gladys Tengey1980
Grant Ayayee1975
Jacob Besa Togo1978, 1980
John Akpalu1979
Kwao Amegashie1976
Kwasi Mawuenyega1986, 1988
Marilyn Nyanyo1986
Matilda Baye-Akaho1990
Mawuli Agbenu1972
Mawuli Kofi Hamenu1978, 1980
Norvy Akaba1982
Sammy Yador1974
Seth Francis Kumassah1982
Vincent Kosi1980
Wallace Setranah1968
Yram Attipoe Tamakloe1980